Kalos, the sophomore collection for Harwood House, celebrates Cortney's Greek heritage, paying special homage to her Yia Yia, a talented dressmaker and seamstress, and pivotal creative mentor throughout her life. As a child, Cortney accompanied her on trips to handpick fabrics for the women in her community.

The collection is a love letter to Yia Yia, weaving together Grecian family roots, a lifetime of memories, and the art of craft-made, woven textiles.

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Designed for effortless layering, Kalos whimsically plays with scale and texture, reinterpreting classical symbolism with an earthy color palette that breaks expectations of traditional Grecian hues. The country's rustic landscape is illustrated in hues of olive, terracotta and slate, while colors of its sunsets are captured through warm golds.